See Beyond

Brand Development

Media communications company with the mission of providing visual solutions for communication. They use technology as a tool to create comprehensive marketing, strategy, photography, video and audio production, creative writing and more.

Project Details

My Role: Visual Designer

Client: See Beyond

Duration: 4 Weeks

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop


The media communications company needed a logo.


Develop the brand for See Beyond Productions. Including creating the logo, select their corporate typography and Colour Palette. Use the logo in different medias for promotional products.

Target Audience

The main client for See Beyond is any small business, start-up or company that is looking to enhance their marketing strategy and improve their tools for communication by the use of new media. Any companies or individuals located in Vancouver, BC.

Design process



Pictorial Mark

Logo Original Colour

Logo Inverted Colours

Typography and Colour Palette

Promotional Products

Vinyl and Post-it Blocks

Promotional Mugs


Promotional Notebook

Promotional T-Shirts

Promotional Mugs

Director’s Chair