REW Case Studies

Product Design | Front-end Design

Real Estate Webmasters wanted to create a more modern look of their client’s case studies. They also wanted an easier way to share these with potential clients as a landing page to make sales easier.

Computer with REW Case studies user interface.

Project Details

My Role: UI Designer / Front-end Developer

Client: Real Estate Webmasters

Duration: 2 Weeks

Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML5, LESS


The sales team needed a refresh of the company’s case study examples. Those files were designed for print for their use in expos. 

The company website needed to showcase their case studies in a mobile responsive way, that could also be used as an export for PDF format to share with the clients.


Design a web version of the old client’s case studies that can work as a PDF or as a responsive website.

Target Audience

Real Estate agents, brokers and companies interested in real estate website design and development. 

Old Version

Case Studies

PDF Versions

The following are the old versions of the client’s case studies. They were in PDF and the sales team would either print these or send them via email to potential clients. They were also available on the corporate website by downloading the PDF files.

UI Design

These are the approved high fidelity mockups for this project. For the mobile version the images and text stack on top of each other. The mockup was approved by the client and I did the front-end implementation using HTML5 and SASS.


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