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Rxtome Pharmacy Portal

Desktop App

Product Design Case Study

Project Description

RxtoMe Pharmacy Portal is desktop app that allows Pharmacies to connect to the RxtoMe mobile app and manage subscriptions, patients and prescriptions. The RxtoMe mobile app is constantly being updated and improved. The user interface design of the mobile app is no longer matching with the Pharmacy Portal. There is a big disconnect between the two products.


The main goal of this project was to reorganize the information architecture of the site adding the new features that have been implemented by the research and development team. The main objective was to redesign the pharmacy portal interface to make it match the mobile app new style.

Target Audience

The main audience for the RxtoMe Pharmacy Portal is current existing pharmacies and pharmacists that are already subscribed to the RxtoMe mobile app services.

RxtoMe Pharmacy Portal 1.0

Site Map

Original Hierarchy

This is the site map of the first version of the RxtoMe Pharmacy Portal. It includes four main features and a basic user flow.

Original Interface

Design Process

New Proposed Hierarchy

Medium Fidelity Prototype

This is the medium fidelity prototype created in Balsamiq Mockups. This mockup was used to test the new proposed features before development. 

Click here to open the prototype in inVision or try it below.

New Proposed Site Map

After testing the medium fidelity prototype, the features and flow was modified into this more complex sitemap.

High Fidelity Prototype

This is the high fidelity prototype created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD and ensembled in InVision App. 

Click here to open the prototype in inVision or try it below.

Responsive Design

This is the mobile version of the RxtoMe Pharmacy Portal, in case the pharmacist needs to manage the subscriptions, patient information or prescriptions on the go.