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UX | UI Designer

Metro Vancouver-based Creative.
Photography Aficionado.
Outdoors Lover.
Proud Dog Mom.


My name is Carolina

I am a UX/UI Designer based in Metro Vancouver.

My Latest Projects

Check out my latest projects, including Product Design, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Brand Development and more….


Prototyping | User Interface Design | User Experience Design

Smartphone with the Actibeety User Interface Design and the Actibeety Logo

REW Case Studies Redesign

Front End Development | User Interface Design

RxToMe Website Redesign

Prototyping | User Interface Design | Photo Manipulation

RxToMe Pharmacy Portal

Information Architecture | Prototyping | User Interface Design

My Design Process

Every project has a different design process depending on the type of work, the objective of the project and other factors.

However, if possible, I like to do the following.

Paper with graphs and data and a magnifying glass.


Analyze the problem, find previous data and compare competitors.

Post its and flow charts


Define the problem and explore possible solutions. All ideas are good ideas.

Paper with doodles and a pen


Define the concept. Draw, sketch or create lo-fi visual flows for the solution.

Laptop with wireframes


Design the med-fi and hi-fi wireframes and mockups ready for testing.

Laptop with code and text.


Develop the website or mobile app, considering usability, accessibility and responsiveness.

Two smartphones with different user interfaces.


User testing and feedback. Implement changes and test again.